Andrew Groot — — GitHub

Work Experience / Education Software Verde, LLC — Master Software Engineer [2017-Present]
  • Bitcoin Cash-based blockchain development (e.g. Bitcoin Verde, Dublin Identity)
  • Full stack web development, API design, UI/UX design
  • Mobile app develoment (native Android and iOS, Flutter)
  • 3D video game development using Unity, including VR and AR
  • Linux server and MySQL database adminstration, virtual machine management
  • Involved in business development, project planning, and team leadership
  • Sigificant contributions to the Bitcoin Cash Specification effort
  • Blog post author and editor; podcast participant, producer, and editor
J.P.Morgan Chase & Co. — Application Developer [2012-2017]
  • WebSphere Java development of middleware web services and batch processes
  • Maintenance of build and deployment processes (via Bash and Python scripts)
  • Created a widely used library that saved an estimated ~$1,000,000 in development hours
  • Lead developer for a small team, managing project timelines and assigning tasks to other developers
  • Long term project planning and budgeting, regulatory compliance, HA/DR review
  • Certified Application Security Champion (ASC) 2014-2017
  • JPMorgan Chase STAMP (Summer Technology Analyst Mentoring Program) Mentor
Software Verde, LLC — Programmer and System Administrator [2011-2012]
  • Native Android development, including various hardware integrations
  • LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) web development
  • Implemention of an open source DUKPT library (GitHub)
  • Linux server and MySQL database administration
The Ohio State University — Student [2008-2012]
  • B.S. in Computer and Information Science, Honors, Cum Laude
  • Minors in Mathematics and Creative Writing, significant coursework in Physics and Philosophy
Other Work
  • The Boundary Condition
    • An in-development 3D puzzle platformer in which the player (but not the world) can become 2D or 1D.
    • Awards:
      • GDEX 2022 — Winner — "Best in Show: Most Innovative"
      • Ohayocon IGS 2023 — Winner — "Judge's Choice (Digital)"
      • GDEX 2023 — Runner-Up — "Best Independent/Student/Experimental"
  • Overgrow
    • A grid-based puzzle game in which you help nature reclaim its space by growing over man-made nuisances.
    • Winner of the GDEX Game Jam 2023.
  • Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange — Moderator on Homebrewing Stack Exchange
  • Folding@Home — Top 10K Ranked Donor
Research Software Verde"Double Spend Proofs: Protocol Improvements and Providing End-User Guidance" [2021]
  • Double-spend proofs had recently been added to Bitcoin Cash as a beta feature, but with a number of shortcomings
  • This proposal explored the implications of these shortcomings and made a number of suggestions that would help improve the use and interpretation of these messages
The Ohio State University"The No-Three-In-Line Problem on a Torus" [2010-2012]
  • The No-Three-In-Line Problem is an unsolved problem asking for the maximum number of points that can be placed on a square grid such that no three are in a line
  • Performed calculations using Mathematica and Macaulay2 (a language designed for commutative algebra)
  • Presented at the Denman Undergradate Research Forum