Andrew Groot —

Education The Ohio State University, Class of 2012
B.S. in Computer and Information Science, Honors, Cum Laude
Minors in Mathematics and Creative Writing
Significant coursework in Physics and Philosophy
Work Experience Software Verde, LLC — Master Software Engineer [2017-Present]
  • Bitcoin Cash-based blockchain development, and other cryptography-heavy applications
  • Virutal reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) development using Unity
  • Mobile app develoment including native Android and iOS, Flutter, and Cordova
  • Full stack web development using a wide variety of tech stacks depending on project needs
  • Linux server and MySQL database adminstration
  • Involved in business development, project planning, and team leadership
  • Blog post author and editor; podcast participant, producer, and editor
J.P.Morgan Chase & Co. — Application Developer [2012-2017]
  • WebSphere Java development (including ground-up redesign) for an enterprise middleware web service and batch processing application
  • Maintenance of application build and deployment processes, including Bash and Python scripting
  • Created a widely used library that saved an estimated ~$1,000,000 in development hours
  • Lead developer for a small team, delegating work and managing multiple project timelines
  • Long term project planning and budgeting, including ensuring regulatory compliance and HA/DR standards
  • Experience coordinating with many teams to build complex systems
  • Certified Application Security Champion (ASC) 2014-2017
  • JPMorgan Chase STAMP (Summer Technology Analyst Mentoring Program) Mentor
Software Verde, LLC — System Administrator and Programmer [2011-2012]
  • LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) web development of custom applications
  • Native Android development, including various hardware integrations
  • Work with Java, C++, Bash, and other technologies
  • Implemention of an open source DUKPT library, using the ANSI standard documentation (GitHub)
  • Linux server and MySQL database administration
Technical Skills Not Mentioned Above Programming:
  • Shell scripting for data collection, system maintenance, and development workflows
  • Extensive experience with git, including managing repositories on a private central server
  • Application optimization, including multithreading, query optimization, and complexity analysis
  • Application testing, including writing unit tests, automated integration tests, and test scripts
  • Database design and optmization, including managing indexes, (de-)normalization, storage/memory settings, and query execution plans
  • Compiler/parser development tools (LLVM, Bison, Flex)
  • GUI development in Java (Swing, JavaFX), Python (PyQt), and C++ (Qt)
  • Exposure to artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques
  • Exposure to Node.js, Ruby on Rails, and other popular tech stacks
System Administration:
  • Creation and management of virtual machines in Xen
  • Installation and configuration of Apache for web applications, proxies, and reverse proxies
  • Installation and configuration of MySQL for applications with a wide variety of needs
  • Experience configuring: OpenVPN, Bind (DNS Server),
  • Experience building servers and designing/wiring an internal network
Places I'm Active
Research The Ohio State University"The No-Three-In-Line Problem on a Torus" [2010-2012]
  • The No-Three-In-Line Problem is an unsolved problem asking for the maximum number of points that can be placed on a square grid such that no three are in a line
  • Mathematica and Macaulay2 (a language designed for commutative algebra)
  • Presented at the Denman Undergradate Research Forum