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Marriage (Wedding Ceremony Poem)

(Aug 26th, 2014 at 10:56:46 AM)
Below is the poem I wrote for (and recited as a part of) our wedding ceremony.
We all sit in small canoes atop a sea of our acquaintances. We paddle with our hands and meet others; some paddle toward us, some paddle away, and some are simply brought to us on the tide. To love another is to touch hands if only for a moment and cherish the pulse of their wake as it undulates against the hull of your solitary vessel. Far too often do we float along, chatting; or congregate like motes of dust on a window sill waiting to be swept away. But gusts of wind do more to chill our skin than to bring us closer in. There are those with whom we collide, a thunderous crack and sealant scratched, and there are others who never come quite close enough for contact but the sea offers little consolation; its crests crumble inward like concrete pipes under pressure. However, some of us do meet. Some paddle in circles, some lash their boats together, but you and I, today, enter a new boat and watch our old ones drift away.